Car For sale:

1990 Corrado G60
$6500.oo OBO

Call Mike (216)226-7541 or Email at

I am the owner of Gruven Auto Werks
this is my car. I am looking for a Passat.

Red, 5 spd( all good synchros)
Here is what you get for $6500:
the car, a spare engine and trans(no charger), 4, 16 spoke wheels(one is a little bent), a spare pass. seat black w/red accent, a lot of intrerior trim pieces, spare winsheild, spare back seat, a spare ABS brain and harness as well as some other wiring harness, spare ABS master cylinder, a black dash. And a whole bunch of other stuff. We are cleaning out the barn.

The car has new boge turbo gas struts and shocks all around, Autotech HOR springs, new steering tie rods, new rack boots, new ball joints, new upper strut bearings, new control arms, new drive axles, new front wheel bearings, new tires all around (Nitto NT 450), New motor mounts, new transfer pump, rebuilt polished and ported g-lader w/68mm pulley,Eurosport intercooler tubes, new font brakes, new front rotors, new rear calipers, new rear parking brake cables.The car has borbet type "c" wheels on it  now. The car also comes with a alpine head unit, pioneer 10" woofer, crunch amp, fusion 6x9's, pioneer 4" components up front, a fusion EQ.