A G-Lader or G-60 charger should be rebuilt when there is excessive oil in the intercooler tubes. Sometimes you may notice oil dripping from the silencer box (box located at the exhaust port of the charger) This usually means that the charger internal seals are worn and are letting oil pass by. Once too much oil has enterd the chamber the unit will become less efficient, and or "Hydrolock" as some refer to. Resulting in total charger failure. (check out the destruction page)

Another reason chargers tend to fail is the infamous"cog belt" sometimes also referred to as the "internal cog belt". This belt is extremely important, it keeps the two shafts in the charger in time. If the belt breaks or teeth fly off due to an old dry rotted belt, the charger becomes a grenade, sending bits of metal throughout the intake system. This could get really messy.

Gruven Auto Werks uses only the highest quality OEM SPEC parts available. We have also upgraded the Cog Belt to a wider than stock size.You do not need to purchase wider cog wheels and it requires no special machining to the factory bracket. All of these upgraded belts are installed on all rebuilds at no extra charge.