Why is Fake Food Popular?

Japanese faux food is now available across the world. In the form of key chains, small fridge magnets, pen drives, these food items can be order online to be delivered in many countries.

Plastic isn’t considered a healthy material and associating food with plastic may sound a bit odd. But when these plastic food items aren’t meant to be eaten, they can be safely relegated to the windows of restaurants that are looking to attract customers with displays of artificial foods.

Some take a look at it and think it’s weird.

Fake food display works to the advantage of restaurants. Tourists not aware of the food culture of the local region find it easy to recognize food items and order them by simply pointing to the food.

Sampuru as they are called, Japanese plastic food isn’t meant to be eaten and hence pose no hazard to anyone’s health.

These food items are a piece of art and takes time to craft. Hence they are expensive and last for almost a lifetime. Restaurants consider it a worthwhile investment. These items fill the window with delectable dishes that also display the price of the dish alongside.

It works for the customer and it works for the restaurants since they may not have a workforce that knows and speaks English. Though the fake food models are heavily priced, they are made of vinyl chloride and last long years thus working cost effectively.

Takizo Iwasaki is considered the father of the plastic food model industry and is revered in Japan. But there are stories that he may have been inspired by wax models used elsewhere.

The world of medicine also uses wax models. These however are built for physicians and for pathological studies.

If one has observed movies where the actors are seated at a table or there are displays of food items in buffet, while the actors are going around talking and singing (parties), some of these food items are artificial. Food models are used in the filming process since real food don’t last for the entire week and start degrading by the end of the day. Purchasing real food items everyday or getting the cooked dishes on the table for the actors to eat isn’t practical. Sometimes the food items used are expensive and required in huge quantities making it difficult for the producer to purchase them.

Food props work to replace real food items in such cases.

These food items are hugely popular and work well under the warm temperatures in which shooting occurs.

Sometimes a tray of food items being carried across may contain liquid that is likely to spill. These are replaced with artificial foods.

Plastic food display is a popular practice that every restaurant in Japan worth its name employs. They have benefited from such displays that tourist’s often simply ogle at for their attractiveness.

Have you seen such a display and felt fascinated? They look real but aren’t – surprise, surprise.

Faux Food Omrice

Steps One Needs to Take to Sell a Business


Through a complex venture, it is possible come across on a method of how to sell a company. Several things are considered before the process. You can sell a company by enlisting yourself through a business broker. According to profit margin of business, strength, structure and time of sales, price of purchase can be determined quite naturally. Considerable amount of time must be invested to sell business.

How to sell a business? It is a common question that has been asked by most of the business owner in some point of time to business brokers quite naturally. Smarts ways can be found in order to sell a company. By obtaining a solid plan on the occasion, success can be ensured with negotiation during transfer of ownership.

Reasons to sell a company

In the beginning, it is important to look at the cause of sell. It is one of the first questions asked by the buyer during acquisition. A company can be sold for following reasons. They are partnership dispute, retirement plans, over work, boredom, illness and death. Due to lack of profit in business, it can be sold to others as well. Problems can be faced to sell business on the occasion. By making the business attractive in front of the buyer, possibility of sales can be increased further.

Time for sales

How to sell your company? It is completely your decision. However, business agents have often advised to give importance on the issue of time. It is better to sell a company as soon as you can. By improving financial record of the company, business can be transferred quite easily. Running of the business can be done smoothly in due course.

Business valuation

In order to sell company, it becomes important to know worth of the company. High pricing of a company must be avoided as much as possible. Business agents can be hired in order to create a company valuation. Through a detailed analysis, value of the company can be decided.

Organizing Documents

Both the tax return and financial statement of the company must be arranged. Through a professional, it must be reviewed perfectly in order to understand the position of company. Record of the equipment present within the organization must be created in addition supplies and transaction for the benefit of buyer. Copies of these documents must be given to buyer in order to make the decision process easy and effective.

Locating a buyer

Transaction of business is generally considered as lengthy process. It can be taken from minimum six months to maximum two years. Challenges can be faced in order to locate a buyer from the market. Business owner can sell a business through a broker. List of buyers are retained with the broker in most cases. Therefore, it becomes relatively easy to find a perfect buyer for transaction. It is better to talk to more than one buyer on the occasion. As a result, deal can be secured in minimum amount of time. Financial state of the buyer must be searched in details. It is better to offer an opportunity of negotiation.

A Look Back at the History of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is considered to be a real pearl of the Formula one calendar alongside the Belgium and Monaco Grand Prix. Singapore circuit race takes place on the city streets at night when both the track and city state are illuminated by bright lights making it one of the most memorable events in the globe. Singapore circuit has a length of 5.065 kilometers (191.897 miles). Drivers take 61 laps to complete the race length which is 308.828 kilometers.

The event which has so far been held for 14 times first took place in 1966. However the first race was organized in 1961 but was then called Orient Year Grand-Prix. It was then renamed Malaysian Grand Prix in 1962.  In 1965, Singapore got its independence and changed Thomson Rd circuit to Singapore Grand Prix.

This race was held up to 1973 but was discontinued.   Various explanations are credited for this decision including inconvenience of having the circuit close to roads, increased traffic and risk posed by unsuitability of track for races. It is also said that the organizers decision was a reaction to serious accidents in 1972 and 1973 races.

Current Grand Prix

The current formula one began after Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore GP PTE Limited and also Bernie Ecclestone signed a 5 year deal. In November 2007, it SingTel Communications was announced as the Singapore Grand Prix sponsor . They also televised the race on Channel 5.

About 110,000 tickets went on sale for the first Singapore Formula 1 race. Hospitality packages and suites were put on sale   on November 2007. This was followed by the sale of 3 day passes for public in February 2008. Sale of One-day passes was held in March 2008. All tickets for this edition of Singapore Grand Prix were sold out.

The race of 2008 FIA FI World Championship which was 15th round went down at Marina Bay Street Circuit. It was the first time a Formula 1 race took place at night. The t timing for this race made it possible to televise live at a time convenient with TV audiences in Europe. The track was illuminated by multiple projectors with output that was designed to match the circuit’s shape.

Controversial win

Fernardo Alonso driving a Renault won this Singapore Grand Prix race which was later tarnished by controversy after a confession. After getting a sack by Renault team, driver Nelson Piquet Jnr handed a statement to FIA revealing the he was told to crash deliberately so that a safety car would be deployed. This in turn helped Alonso whose car had an unusual light fuel load to win the race.

During the resulting hearing that was dubbed “Crashgate” it was decided that Renault should be get suspended for 2 years. Alonso and Piquet Jnr thus escaped prosecution. Flavio Briatore, the team boss and Pat Symonds, the technical director, took brunt of FIA punishment. Briatore was slapped with a ban from motorsport for life while Symonds got a ban of five years. The 2008 race also hosted the famed Amber Lounge after party. Singapore went on to become the second Formula One location to host Amber Lounge Fashion Show in 2010.

Circuit modification

In 2009 Singapore Grand Prix circuit was slightly re-profiled. This included modifying the turn 1, 2 and 3 in order to ease overtaking and at 10 the point at which high kerbs were blamed for many accidents of 2008. Briton Lewis Hamilton won the 2009 race without stirring controversy. However, observers raised eyebrows when Renault driver Romain Grosjean crashed his car in practice at the exact point where Piquet Jnr had crashed deliberately in 2008.

The race has since taken place without controversies. In September 2012, Associated Press reported that Singapore Grand Prix and Bernie Ecclestone reached an agreement for the event to remain on F1 calendar up to 2017. So far Graeme Lawrence and Sebastian Vettel hold the record for most wins. Each of them has won Singapore Grand Prix for 3 times. Red bull holds the record for most wins by constructor after winning 3 times. The coming race at Marina Bay Steer circuit is named 2014 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. The change of name was made so as to accommodate that of the new sponsors.

As for who will drive away with the championship this year, is there any doubt that it will be the red-hot Lews Hamilton of Mercedes? I beg to agree and after just confirming the latest lines courtesy of UK-based bookmaker bet365, he seems like a lock to triumph in Singapore this year.

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Get your engines revved up because the iconic night race in Sing Sing is on the horizon!